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Hi Pam, thanks for the comment! :) I will definitely check out your blog too!

Well, even if you don't post as much as you like, I'll subscribe.

Well, I'm not vegan...I'm just trying it for a week. I have tried a couple of recipes, and there are so many good ones out there! Reading labels is the the biggest part of being vegan, I'm finding out.

TQI sounds interesting...can't wait to read about it!

Pam Cope

Hi - found you through your typepad blogging best practices comment. See, this is how it works, or it would for me if I got more regular at posting on my own blog! Anyway, I just started a diet called TQI (to quiet inflamation) by a woman named Kathy Abascal. It is not strictly vegan, but I have given up lots of stuff, sugar being the hardest so far! I am going to follow you for a while and see how often you post, and try to post whenever you do! (No pressure there.) let's see if we can drum up some followers! Also, want to see how you do with the vegan thing. I have found lots of good vegan/vegetarian recipes since I decided to do this. This food plan is no wheat/grain (except brown/black rice)no dairy, sugar, red meat. I think I will go blog about it. Fondly,

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